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You have to complete a survey/offer only if your ip is blacklisted, if it is not you get your live support username without completing an offer. It is generated when the process is complete. This is happening because we had a lot, and i mean A LOT spammers and abusers to our live support and that was the main reason why our servers was usually down all the time. So with this way only the users that are human and take these things in serious are using the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius generator. And with this way we can ensure you that you will get everytime the resources you want!
It is very easy, click on a link with a survey/offer that suits you, you might find some very usefull apps also. Then complete the offer/survey with your real info (That's a crucial step, because if they detect false info you probably fail the completion). Wait a few seconds for the app to send your data. And you are good to go. In your screen will apear your liva chat support username. Then please ask an admin of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius generator to authorize your IP []
The most probable cause is that your IP [] is blacklisted. We have a new authorization system on our app that check constantly for spammers and abusers.
If your IP is blacklisted that means that
  • You are an abuser/spammer
  • You are using a VPN
  • You are connected to a public wi-fi and a lot of people from the same IP are trying to use the app
  • Your PC/Phone/Tablet is compromized and is a zombie machine.

But with the manual authorization we know that you are a legit person and that only wants to use the service so we whitelist it!
When your IP [] is whitelisted by an Admin please press the next button to finish the procedure.

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In order to chat with us you have to get a user ID
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  1. 1. Enter your username and select your device
  2. 2. Enter the amount of Gil, xp, Lapis, you want
  3. 3. Choose if you want extra features
  4. 4. Press start
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  • Success rate: 99%
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  • Server 3 Load: 52%
  • Server 4 Load: 39%
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